Galapagos Islands

Most Unique Place in the World

Looking for a sunshine-filled holiday with a difference? Then you wont find anywhere more original than the Galpagos Islands. Its a haven for unique wildlife, such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas and sea lions.

It offers the opportunity to trek up volcanoes, and along rugged headlands. As for the beaches, theyre filled with soft, white sand and will provide you with all the perfect ingredients for a relaxing break. The Galpagos Islands are collectively an archipelago, just off the coast of Ecuador. The all-inclusive packages we have will see you enjoying all the activities of an action-packed itinerary, as well as great local cuisine, and beautiful views. You can choose to spend your week or two sipping cocktails while you watch the turtles swim past, or you can experience an exhilarating rush climbing up craters, and exploring the ocean floor. Its up to you. We have a range of escorted tours to choose from.

This an area of outstanding beauty in the world. Its isolated nature helped Charles Darwin conduct his research into how species evolve and is one of the reasons why it attracts such a wealth of migrating seabirds. Snorkelling, diving and swimming are popular activities along the coast here, but there are also beautiful hikes and volcanoes to explore.

Places like Black Turtle Cove and North Seymour Island, one of the best places to view seabirds, are unspoilt and wild, while if you feel the need for some urbane civilisation, youll find that on San Cristobal, where theres a lively vibe, with bars, shops and restaurants.

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