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Club Med Palmiye, Turkey

The Turquoise Coast, which fringes the area of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera, is where youll find luxury beach resort Club Med Palmiye. Enjoy white, sandy beaches and a thoroughly cosmopolitan atmosphere, all framed by the majestic Taurus Mountains in the background. With all the high-quality facilities youd expect...

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Club Med Kemer, Turkey

Fancy a sophisticated adult beach holiday, lazing around on white-sand beaches and swimming in the turquoise waters of a turtle-filled sea? At Club Med Kemer, you’ll love the twin glorious views of the Taurus Mountains behind you and the sparkling Turkish Riviera coastline in front of you, as you enjoy...

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Club Med Bodrum Palmiye, Turkey

Rejuvenate in a natural Mediterranean cove Sat on a protected peninsula, perched above the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean sea, Club Med Bodrum Palmiye is a secluded jewel glistening under the Turkish sun. This serene all-inclusive resort in Turkey is the perfect place to relax and find your momentum. Hike...

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Mediterranean Treasures

Itinerary Day 1: Istanbul (Turkey) Your journey into wonder begins today. Relax and raise your glass to the days ahead at this evening’s welcome reception. Meals included: Dinner Day 2: Anzac Cove Discover the Gallipoli Peninsula. Meals included: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner Day 3: Bozcada Island Explore Bozcada Island. Meals included: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner Day 4:...

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Mediterranean Discovery

Try the delicious local cuisine, learn all about the rich history and relax in the sun on this unique 15 day Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Venice. Itinerary Day 1: Istanbul (Turkey) Your journey into wonder begins today. Relax and raise your glass to the days ahead at this evening’s welcome...

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Mark Warner Phokaia

Mark Warner Phokaia Beach Resort, Turkey

Well respected in the travel industry for their luxury all inclusive package holidays, Mark Warners latest offering; The Phokaia Beach Resort on the west coast of Turkey is impressive to say the least. Set in beautiful gardens overlooking the bay, this resort offers both a full itinerary of water sports...

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Ancient Adriatic Treasures

Discover Adriatic and Aegean treasures on this journey that combinesVenice, the Adriatic & GreeceandAncient Mediterranean Treasures. Begin with an overnight amid Venices iconic canals, then call on the magnificent walled city of Dubrovnik. Walk through Kotors medieval streets, marvel at Olympias ancient ruins and overnight in historic Athens. Explore Troys...

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Ancient Mediterranean Antiquities

Travel back in time on this enriching cruise through the legendary ports of three fascinating countries that combinesAncient Mediterranean TreasuresandJourney to Antiquities. Begin with an overnight stay in Istanbul, where East meets West along the Bosphorus Strait. Marvel at the well-preserved ruins of ancient Troy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,...

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Iconic Adriatic Antiquities

CombineJourney to AntiquitiesandIconic Western Mediterraneanfor a magnificent 15-day cruise from Athens to Barcelona. Explore the storied sites of ancient Greece and Rome, the glamour of Monte Carlo and the rich history of Marseille, uncovering classical treasures and vibrant cultures at every turn. Overnight stays in Athens, Florence and Barcelona give...

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Greek Odyssey

Explore the Aegean Sea during a 10-night voyage to important sites of antiquity. Visit Athens, the birthplace of democracy, and Crete, home of the mysterious Minoan civilization. Admire whitewashed buildings with azure domes in Santorini and walk the streets of Rhodes to the imposing Palace of the Grand Masters. You...

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