Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean alone is enough to make you crave a luxurious beach holiday and it’s isolated islands are synonymous with paradise and palm trees. Beyond the sandy beaches and coconut groves, a deep-rooted heritage and great traditions makes the Caribbean countries much more than just a long-haul escape.

One thing you’ll notice for sure is that nature outshines man-made structures as only 2% of the Caribbean’s 700 islands, islets and coves are actually inhabited by humans. If it’s not the tropical heat that captures your love for the archipelago, the all-singing, all-dancing personality of it will. Let’s take a look at some ways you can experience the flavoursome Caribbean…


Tropical year-round heat, golden stretches of mile-long beaches & calm waters are all a given when you book a beach holiday in the Caribbean. Whether it’s a reclusive honeymoon in Antigua and Barbuda or a Jamaican all-inclusive escape for the whole family, there are so many islands you can choose from in the Caribbean, with names like Club Med Holidays and Sandal Resorts leading the way in beach holidays around the world.

The idyllic waters and exotic islands of The Caribbean make for an immersive holiday on an Ocean Cruise. Hop from island to island with included excursions at each port with leading cruise operators, whether it’s your first cruise or your 20th sojourn around the Caribbean Islands it doesn’t get any less exhilarating than Jamaica, St Lucia and beyond.

Enjoy a culturally immersive take on the sultry islands of the Caribbean on an escorted tour from the likes of Saga Holidays and G Adventures. Many escorted tour itineraries – solo trips & group tours in the Caribbean focus heavily on the legacy of Cuba and it’s iconic Cigar shops and colonial cities, with a handful of tours offering deeper adventures in Jamaica, Haiti and more.

Popular Caribbean Island Countries


Take yourself to the paradise Caribbean Islands with LowCostDeals, whether it be a 10-night retreat in the Dominican Republic with Club Med or a 22-day island-hopping cruise with Viking Cruises. Search our website for over 100 holidays and cruises and book your dream holiday today.

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