Australasia & South Pacific

Australasia & South Pacific

Australasia comprises of Australia and New Zealand, two countries that share endearing opportunities for adventure and the South Pacific covers the surrounding exotic islands of French Polynesia, Samoa and Fiji to name a few. Australasia is one of the worlds more intriguing continents, with so much land to explore – yet so few countries.

If you want to visit Australasia & South Pacific, you should consider researching into how, where and what you would like to encompass. Australia and New Zealand both offer similarly outstanding landscapes, whilst the French Polynesian and surrounding islands are home to some of the most tropical beaches in the world. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most out of your trip to the continent.

Holiday Types in Australasia & South Pacific

From the Outback in Australia to New Zealand’s picturesque Fjords, you can experience just about anything on an escorted tour – with so many different holidays available, there’s an itinerary for everyone. Our key partners can take you to Australasia & the South Pacific on one of their intricately designed escorted tours, whether you want to explore the exotic beaches of Fiji & beyond or Australia’s wild forests.

For a more independent adventure, you may want to consider a self-drive holiday. You’ll be provided with a hire car/motorhome and a suggested itinerary to follow along, although itineraries aren’t compulsory, they are often carefully designed to be the most efficient and cost-effective method. Australasia & the South Pacific is brimming with iconic coastal roads with stunning views accompanying you along the way.

Be at one with the deep blue waters and shell-scattered beaches of the Pacific Ocean and Australasia on an Ocean Cruise. Whether it’s island-hopping around the French Polynesian islands or a coastal cruise down under, it’s possible to enjoy the best of this continent via water as much as it is on land – maybe even more than you would on a land tour.


We are proud to partner with award-winning holiday operators to provide numerous ways to traverse this great continent in the footsteps of legendary explorers. Explore over 150 holidays on our website, from luxury ocean cruises to all-inclusive escorted tours.

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