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Cosmos Holidays offer a huge selection of adventures including escorted tours, river cruises, safaris and journeys by rail. There are some amazing places to visit across the globe and Cosmos tours can take you to whichever part of the world has your name on it!

Low Cost Deals wants to help you find the holiday or tour that is the most suitable for you and working closely with Cosmos, we are able to off the best prices & deals. Whether you prefer to travel a little more slowly, taking in everything bit of countryside by every bit of highway via the luxury of Cosmos Holidays, or whether you dream of winding through mountains and lakesides on one of the many amazing adventures that can be enjoyed on a train; there is a little something for all. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad https://travelaware.campaign.gov.uk/

Cosmos Holidays Destinations

America is vast with great areas of wilderness to explore and discover, stunning deserts and plains to see, waterfalls and mountain ranges and of course, a whole host of spectacular man made cities to visit. So, there is a little something for everyone on Cosmos tours. If you prefer the hustle and bustle of city destinations, there are some truly magnificent ones to take in, New York, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Las Vegas and San Francisco to name just a few. Perhaps, the great outdoors is more to your liking and you would love to see the glory of the Rockies, the wonder of the Great Lakes or just enjoy the ocean views of both the Atlantic and Pacific. Escorted tours to America really do cater for all tastes.

Many people flock to Europe every single year to embrace its history, culture and stunning beauty. With a varied landscape and the ability to visit a number of countries in a relatively short space of time, Europe lends itself nicely to the concept of a Cosmos Tour. Whether its cities full of romance, breathtaking mountain tops or the sparkling, sun soaked coasts of the Mediterranean, a trip to Europe can be as focussed or as meandering as you want it to be.

If you have only ever seen Africa on your television screens or in the movies, then one thing is certain – you have missed out! A massive continent with masses of adventures just waiting to be enjoyed, from the countries in North Africa such as Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, to the wilderness beauties in Kenya to the wonders of South Africa and much more besides.Cosmos holidays provide customers the opportunity to save even more money on a Cosmos tour when you book through Low Cost Deals.

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