Discover why the Maldives is labelled ‘Heaven on Earth’

There are over 1000 coral islands hanging together in atolls in the Indian Ocean and these are collectively known as The Maldives. They look like paradise on Earth with their white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and beautiful reefs. Whether youre planning a trip here to enjoy the spas, explore beneath the waves, or catch a glimpse of the turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs, youll have a very memorable holiday.

Popular as a wedding or honeymoon destination, The Maldives pride themselves on their exclusive luxury resorts, which offer accommodation of an incredibly high standard, in tropical seclusion. Your privacy will be a priority here, which is what makes the place so romantic. Tranquility and relaxation is what these islands promote. They also offer excellent food and the chance to unwind and pay attention to your mind, body and spirit.

Should you be planning to hold a wedding ceremony here, or a renewal of vows, youll find that many resorts have a marriage licence. In addition to that, youll have a wide range of choice over where on a resort the ceremony can be held. On a sandbank or jetty overlooking the azure waters, under a beach pavilion, or even underwater, are all possible places to tie the knot!

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Booking your holiday to the Maldives

Low Cost Deals works closely with a number of trusted tour operators to provide you with a luxury package. If youre looking for a wedding package, please let us know, because many of the resorts will provide everything you need, depending on your requirements. One of our favourites is the family-friendly Club Med Kani, with its suites that have direct access onto the beach and private terraces. The restaurants here offer exceptional seafood and Asian dishes. Your kids will love the childrens clubs.

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