HX Cruises

HX Cruises

Embark on an All-Inclusive Adventure Experience the ultimate expedition with an HX trip, where everything is included. From daily excursions and onboard Science Centre access to meals, gratuities, drinks, and more, every aspect is meticulously curated to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. Discover unparalleled exploration without worrying about the details it’s all taken care of for you. Here at Low Cost Deals we are an official Hurtigruten ambassador and a top selling UK agent – book your Hurtigruten Cruises with us and save up to 5%

HX Destinations

Embark on a global exploration with us and discover an array of spectacular destinations and attractions on an expedition cruise. From the rugged wilderness and iconic wildlife of Alaska to the pristine landscapes of Antarctica, each destination offers unique experiences. Explore the charming British Isles, Caribbean paradises, and the rich historical coastline of Europe. Delve into the wild beauty of the Galpagos Islands and Greenland’s peaceful landscapes. Sail along the majestic fjords of Norway or uncover the seismic landscape of Iceland. Discover the colourful coastal cities and national parks of North America, and journey through the remote wilderness of the Northwest Passage and Arctic Canada. Encounter the archaeological treasures and breathtaking landscapes of South America, and explore the Svalbard archipelago located between Norway and the North Pole. Dive into the science of the oceans or embark on a transformative cruise at sea on our Transoceanic Expeditions. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.


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