China by Rail

Operator: Wendy Wu Tours
Destination: China
Price From: £5140.00


Embark on an extraordinary rail voyage through China’s ever-changing landscapes, charming ancient towns, and iconic sights that unfold beyond your window. Stop along the way to meander along the charming cobbled lanes of the historic towns of Tunxi, Dali and Lijiang, stand in awe before the breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and venture to the Yellow Mountain to admire the beauty of its scenery, acclaimed in Chinese art and literature for centuries.

Fully Inclusive Tour Highlights:

  • Guided Tours: Explore each destination with knowledgeable guides and enjoy included entrance fees for attractions.

  • Included Meals: Savor daily breakfasts, 19 lunches, and 20 dinners, experiencing local flavors throughout your journey.

  • Flights: Your international flights are included, along with current taxes, making travel logistics a breeze.

  • Accommodation: Enjoy 20 nights of comfortable stays in 4-star accommodations, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

  • Cruise Experiences: Embark on unforgettable Li River and Huangpu River cruises, offering unique perspectives of China’s landscapes.

  • Group Tour: Join a friendly group with a maximum size of 28 travelers, providing a sociable and immersive travel experience.

  • Physical Rating 2: This tour involves walking, some steps, and extended time on your feet, allowing you to explore destinations actively.


Day 1-2:

Fly overnight to Shanghai, also known as the ‘Paris of the East.’ Depending on your arrival time, start immersing yourself in the local culture.

Day 3:

Explore Shanghai, where modern skyscrapers meet ancient temples. Visit Yu Garden, the Bund, and enjoy a Maglev train ride. End the day with a Huangpu River cruise and Shanghainese cuisine.

Day 4:

Head to Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huang) via bullet train. Enjoy stunning views, unique rock formations, and ancient pine trees.

Day 5:

Watch the sunrise over Yellow Mountain, explore more scenic spots, and visit Tunxi Ancient Town.

Day 6:

Travel to Changsha by bullet train, explore Orange Island, and savor local delicacies at the night market.

Day 7:

Take a bullet train to Guilin, visit Yuelu Academy, and embark on a scenic journey to Guilin.

Day 8:

Discover Guilin’s natural wonders, including Elephant Trunk Hill and serene river cruises.

Day 9:

Cruise along the Li River to Yangshuo, explore its charming streets, and enjoy the Sanjie Liu night show.

Day 10:

Board the bullet train to Kunming, enjoying scenic views along the way.

Day 11:

Explore the UNESCO-listed Stone Forest and savor Across the Bridge noodles.

Day 12:

Travel to Dali, discover its ancient quarter, and stroll through Foreigners’ Street.

Day 13:

Explore Xizhou village, cruise on Erhai Lake, and admire Cang Mountains.

Day 14:

Take a bullet train to Lijiang and wander its historic old quarter.

Day 15:

Visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, explore Baisha old town, and the Naxi minority village.

Day 16:

Fly to Chengdu, where modernity and tradition blend seamlessly.

Day 17:

Visit Chengdu’s Panda Centre and board a bullet train to Xian.

Day 18:

Explore the Terracotta Warriors, walk the ancient city walls, and enjoy a dumpling feast and Tang Dynasty show.

Day 19:

Board the bullet train to Beijing, admiring the changing landscapes.

Day 20:

Explore Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the China Railway Museum. Enjoy a Peking duck dinner.

Day 21:

Discover the Great Wall, visit a jade factory, and explore the Summer Palace.

Day 22:

Depart Beijing for your journey back to the UK, bringing amazing memories with you. Safe travels!