Holland & Belgium

Resort:Holland & Belgium
Operator: Viking River Cruises
Price From: £2795.00


Explore the Low Countries

Set sail on our 10-day itinerary through the inland waterways of the Low CountriesHolland and Belgium. Enjoy scenic cruising through the vast network of canals and rivers, with stops in key cities that allow you to soak up Dutch and Flemish culture and immerse yourself in their history. Cycle through tulip fields or stroll the renowned Keukenhof Gardens. See the windmills of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and fascinating Rotterdam, one of Europes most dynamic cities. Finish your cruise with an overnight stay in Europes diamond capital, Antwerp.


Day 1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam is renowned for its museums, colorful gardens, abundance of bicycles and endless lattice of canals.

Day 2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch Golden Ages legacy lives on in gilded manses that line Amsterdams canals and in the lush paintings that adorn the Rijksmuseum.

Day 3 Haarlem, The Netherlands

A bustling metropolitan city of fine cafs, grand museums and canals amid cobblestone streets lined with historic buildings.

Day 4 Hoorn, The Netherlands

Founded in 1300, Hoorn was named for its horn-shaped harbor along the Ijsselmeer, the artificial lake created by massive dams.

Day 5 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, at the heart of a maze of rivers and artificial waterways, is considered the worlds largest port.

Day 6 Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

The South Holland village community of Kinderdijk includes a set of 19 windmills and other ingenious technologies built in the 18th century to control flooding.

Day 7 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

This 2,000-year-old city is home to Europes busiest waterway, the Waal River, and has transitioned from a Roman military camp to a thriving modern municipality.

Day 8 Maastricht, The Netherlands

Bordered by Belgium and Germany, Maastricht has been influenced by its neighbors, resulting in the rich pan-European character that it reflects today.

Day 9 Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerps Cathedral of Our Lady, Belgiums largest Gothic church, is a masterpiece of murals and stained glass.

Day 10 Antwerp, Belgium

Belgiums second city, Antwerp is brimming with character and charm.