Lyon, Provence & the Rhineland

Operator: Viking River Cruises
Destination: France, Germany, Switzerland
Price From: £5690.00

Vineyards, Gastronomy and Culture

Journey along the Rhne and the Rhine, through landscapes shaped by centuries of history, viticulture, and art. Taste complex red wines and crisp whites grown on terraced vineyards rooted in the Roman Empire. Explore Avignons grand Palace of the Popes and Colognes majestic cathedral, both UNESCO sites. Savor Lyons rich culinary traditions and the Rhinelands hearty flavors and admire the landscapes that inspired van Gogh in the Netherlands and Provence.

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Day by Day

Day 1: Avignon, France

Stroll the medieval city; see the Place de lHorloge, Pont dAvignon, and Palace of the Popes.

Day 2: Arles, France

Admire this cultural centers diverse architecture, Roman ruins, and Romanesque monuments.

Day 3: Avignon, France

Enjoy a taste of Provence as you sample local wines and indulge in French delicacies.

Day 4: Viviers, France

Explore this charming riverside villages peaceful ambiance amid its scenic mountain setting.

Day 5: Tournon, France

Ride on a nostalgic railway, the Train de lArdche, to take in the verdant Doux Valley. Scenic Sailing: Rhne River: Journey past dramatic landscapes along the Rhne River and admire terraced vineyards.

Day 6: Vienne, France

Learn about the citys rich Roman past; view the amphitheater and Temple of Augustus & Livia.

Day 7: Lyon, France

Walk through town; see the Basilica of Notre Dame and the magnificent St. Jean Cathedral.

Day 8: Lyon, France

Explore the medieval province of Beaujolais, dotted with vineyards and small villages.

Day 9: Burgundy, France

Explore Burgundys viticultural traditions and sample a taste of the regions famous wines. Basel, Switzerland: Discover the gateway to the Swiss Rhineland, where French, German, and Swiss borders meet.

Day 10: Breisach, Germany

Explore Germanys fabled Black Forest region and admire verdant hills amid stunning scenery.

Day 11: Strasbourg, France

Encounter this multicultural city and its famed Strasbourg Cathedral; sample Alsatian food.

Day 12: Speyer, Germany

Discover quaint Speyer and visit its historic Romanesque imperial cathedral, a UNESCO Site. Rdesheim, Germany: Stroll the pedestrian-only Drosselgasse; sample local wines at a quaint restaurant.

Day 13: Scenic Sailing: Middle Rhine

Sail past hilltop castles along the Middle Rhine, a UNESCO Site, and look for Lorelei Rock. Koblenz, Germany: Visit the 13th-century Marksburg Castle and capture views from its hilltop location.

Day 14: Cologne, Germany

Stroll through Colognes Old Town and see the citys famed Gothic cathedral, a UNESCO Site.

Day 15: Scenic Sailing: Waal & Merwede

Admire the scenery and sail along the network of Hollands canals and waterways. Kinderdijk, The Netherlands: See the picturesque Dutch countryside and Kinderdijks working windmills, a UNESCO Site.

Day 16: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Take a journey along Amsterdams network of canals or browse one of the citys museums.

Itinerary and shore excursions are subject to change and may vary by departure.