Lyon & Provence

Resort:Lyon & Provence
Operator: Viking River Cruises
Destination: Europe, France
Price From: £2295.00


Tour lands of fine wine & cuisine

Tap into your inner van Gogh at an Arles painting class. Discover Roman Provence at Les Arnes amphitheater and the Pont du Gard. Explore Avignons Palace of the Popes. Excite your palate in Lyon, capital of French gastronomy. Savor Beaujolais wines. Hunt for truffles and see how chvre cheese is made. Come witness the beauty that inspired artists like Czanne and Chagall on this 8-day Rhne cruise.


Day 1 Avignon, France

Sheltered by medieval walls, Avignons maze of narrow streets is filled with churches, museums and palaces tracing the history of this ancient, vibrant city.

Day 2 Avignon, France

Avignons grandest edifice is the Palace of the Popes, the papal seat for 70 years in the 14th century.

Day 3 Arles, France

The site of impressive Roman ruins, Arles inspires artists with its vibrant colors and striking quality of light.

Day 4 Viviers, France

Set in a mountainous province, Viviers was founded in the 5th century.

Day 5 Tournon, France

Tournon lies secluded between the Rhne River and granite slopes of the Hermitage.

Day 6 Lyon, France

After Paris, Lyon is Frances most significant cultural and culinary center.

Day 7 Lyon, France

Theres nothing like losing yourself among the cobblestone streets and riverside promenade of Old Lyon.

Day 8 Lyon, France

France’s third largest city, Lyon straddles the Rhne and Sane Rivers.