A Tale of Three Rivers

Resort:A Tale of Three Rivers
Operator: Viking River Cruises
Destination: Europe, Germany
Price From: £2195.00

Sail Europes most iconic rivers: the Moselle with its steep vineyards; the castle-studded Rhine; and the Main, lined with quaint villages. Taste legendary Moselle Rieslings. Survey the Rhine from 900-year-old Marksburg Castle. Savor hearty German cuisine. With bookends in Trier and Bamberg, this 8-day journey celebrates the diverse landscapes of three of Europes most beloved rivers.


Day 1: Trier, Germany

Arrive in Trier today and transfer to your ship. One of Germanys most treasured cities for its rich history, Trier was once the regional capital of the Holy Roman Empire. After Emperor Constantine the Great had a vision of Christ, he and his mother Helena built great churches and cathedrals here. A few still stand, the magnificent Romanesque Cathedral of Trier among them. The 20,000-seat amphitheater, the Roman Bridge and the massive Porta Nigra, the ancient city gate, are further relics of that time. Today, Trier is a picturesque town surrounded by forests and vineyards, known also as a vibrant university town.

Day 2: Trier & Bernkastel, Germany

Enjoy a morning tour of Trier, Germanys oldest city, set on the banks of the Moselle River. See the wonderfully preserved Roman Porta Nigra, Trier Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady. Lunch is served on board as we depart. Enjoy scenic cruising along the Moselle this afternoon. We dock in Bernkastel around dinnertime. After your evening meal you can take a walk through the towns cobblestone streets, or join an optional wine-tasting excursion in this famous wine region.

Day 3:Cochem, Germany

A walking tour takes you through the quaint Moselle town of Cochem. Then, visit imposing Reichsburg Castle. After lunch you sail the scenic Moselle to Winnigen, arriving in the evening during dinner. Explore the cobbled streets and cafs, or stay on your ship and hear folktales about the Moselle.

Day 4: Koblenz, Germany

After breakfast, disembark in Koblenz for a tour of Marksburg Castle, the only Rhine fortress that was never destroyed. Since its fortifications have remained so intact, stepping inside is a veritable journey back to the Middle Ages. Take in views of the Rhine Valley from this castles stunning vantage point. Meet your ship in Braubach, where it has sailed during your excursion. Have lunch and enjoy cruising through the storied Middle Rhine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lined with medieval castles, historic towns and vineyards

Day 5:Heidelberg, Germany

Todays full-day excursion takes you to Heidelberg, home to Germanys oldest university. Tour the imposing red sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle, built in the 12th century but twice destroyed by lightning and then later rebuilt. A guided walk through Heidelbergs Old Town and marketplace is included, as is lunch in a local restaurant. Return to your ship for dinner and departure.

Day 6:Wrzburg, Germany

Day 7:Bamberg, Germany

Day 8:Bamberg, Germany

After breakfast, proceed to the airport for your return flight home.