Wonders of Jordan with Red Sea Beach Stay

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Destination: Egypt, Jordan
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Jordan sits at the heart of the ancient world. This region, known as the Cradle of Civilisation, is full of remnants of the past with astonishing landscapes and monuments. On our tour of Jordan, we’ll explore a historic Citadel situated at the heart of this modern metropolis of Amman. Follow in the footsteps of Romans in Jerash. Experience the legendary natural phenomenon of the Dead Sea while floating in the waters of the Dead Sea. Visit the biblical site of Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land and the legendary Lost City of Petra. Marvel at the spectacular sandstone structures in this treasure trove of architectural surprises hidden along the narrow gorges. Watch magnificent cliffs and stone buttresses rise from the sea of red sand in Wadi Rum. Our journey concludes in Aqaba, where we’ll stop for a five-night stay on the coast by the Red Sea. Here you’ll be able to relax or explore the local area at your leisure. This holiday offers curious travellers a wealth of unique experiences and is perfect for those who’d love to learn more about the ancient history of this fascinating country.

Your Itinerary


You’ll arrive in Amman and check in to your four-star hotel.

Day 2


After we enjoy a leisurely morning, we take an orientation city tour of Jordan’s capital, Amman. Built across the seven hills that dominate the heart of the city, Amman has historically been under the control of the Greeks and the Romans. It was only in 1921 the city became the capital and its rapid expansion means most of the skyline dates back to the 1960s with an increasing number of ultra-modern skyscrapers.

This contemporary capital city of Jordan is a modern metropolis with a long history that we’ll trace through the remains peppered across the city. Step back in time through 2000 years of history at the Roman Amphitheatre which was restored in 1957 and visit the historic Citadel, which sits in the heart of the city above Jebel Al Qaia’a, Amman’s highest hill. It has been occupied by humans since the bronze age and remains one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places.

Day 3


This morning we head north. Known as the ‘Pompeii of the East’, Jerash is the largest Roman city in the region and considered one of the best preserved provincial Roman towns in the world. Once the epicentre of the Roman empire, Jerash is a brilliant example of Roman town planning. You’ll be mesmerised by the beautifully colonnaded mains street, theatres, baths and the hippodrome.

Our journey continues to the Dead Sea, arriving in the afternoon.

Day 4


Today is yours to spend at leisure around the Dead Sea. At 413m below sea level, the lowest point on earth, the blue waters of the Dead Sea have drawn people in for centuries for their skin-friendly properties. With a salt content of 30%, ten times the salt content of normal water, one can float with ease.

Float in the sea, relax at the spa or try out a mud experience. Alternatively, your Tour Manager will be on hand to assist you with some activity experiences. Embark on a hike to Wadi Al Mujib or cycle across the western plateau of Madaba. Alternatively take a full day excursion to Qasr Amra desert castle and lunch with a local Druze family in Azraq Village.

Day 5


Today, the journey continues south towards two of Jordan’s most iconic landmarks. We head through part of the Abarim mountain range across an elevated ridge over 2300 feet above sea level to Mount Nebo. Mentioned in the Bible, Mount Nebo was the hill that Moses ascended to see the Promised Land. We continue and visit nearby Madaba, known as the Mosaic City. This market town is best known for its collection of Byzantine-era mosaics housed in St Georges’ church, including a mosaic map of the Holy Land.

Leaving Madaba, travelling on the historic scenic King’s Highway we arrive at Kerak Castle, one of the nation’s best-preserved Crusader castles. Our journey is complete on arrival at Petra, where we stay for two nights.

Day 6


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’, Petra is a breathtaking Nabatean city, lost for centuries before it was rediscovered over 200 years ago. It is a must-see for everyone visiting Jordan.

Famous throughout history, Petra is purported to be a place where Moses struck a rock and water gushed forth. At its height, the city amassed huge wealth as the centre of ancient caravan routes, which traded as far as China and rivalled that of the Romans. The city was built to match, with sophisticated public buildings, lavish houses and colonnaded streets.

Strolling through a narrow gorge, see an incredible vista of the Treasury emerge like a mirage through the slit in the rock. Beyond is an entire city, including the main colonnaded road that ran through this ancient city, early Christian churches, the Great Temple, Street of Facades and the Royal Tombs.

Day 7


Our journey continues further south towards our final destination, Aqaba and the Red Sea. En route, we visit the archaeological site of the mysterious rock-carved rooms of the ancient hotel Siq al-Barid, known as ‘Little Petra’. We’ll then enjoy an adventure with a drive in Bedouin 4×4 vehicles into Wadi Rum, known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’. Admire the awe-inspiring sight of magnificent cliffs and stone buttresses that rise sheer from the sea of red sand, forming a timeless panorama of monolithic rocks passing through canyons and valleys.

For more time in here, consider personalising your holiday with one night at Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum on day 10. See below in the ‘Personalise Your Holiday’ section or speak to a member of our team for more information.

Day 8 to 11


Over the next four days, you’ll be able to take each day at your own pace, either on the beach by the waters of the Red Sea or keeping cool in one of the four hotel swimming pools. Your Tour Manager will be on hand throughout your stay to assist you in booking additional excursions and exploring the local area, should you choose to do so.

Personalise your holiday with an upgrade to half-board to enjoy a fantastic array of seasonal and local cuisine. See below for more details or speak to a member of our team.


We’ll transfer to the airport for our flight home via Amman.