The North Cape Express – Full Voyage

Operator: Hurtigruten
Destination: Norway
Price From: £3149.00



  • – Sail the Norwegian coast, one of the worlds longest coastlines, all the way from capital city Oslo in the south to North Cape in Arctic Norway, at the top of Europe

  • – Come aboard exceptionally designed MS Trollfjord, freshly refurbished in 2023 with the finest materials and ship craftsmanship

  • – Learn about local communities all along the coast, across a range of latitudes, and join a range of exciting optional seasonal excursions

  • – Choose to sail in autumn, winter, or spring and experience a warmer climate in the south to snow-covered mountains and maybe even the Northern Lights in the Arctic

The North Cape Express - Full Voyage


DAY 1: Oslo

You’ve arrived

Welcome to Norway! First stop: Norways thriving capital, Oslo. After your included flight from the UK, take the transfer from the airport to your hotel, located in the heart of the city. The rest of the day or evening is spent at your leisure.

Youll likely want to explore the many charms the cosmopolitan capital has to offer. Why not make your way to the city centre, making sure to take snaps of the architecturally distinct Rdhuset town hall, Royal Palace, and Oslo Cathedral.

Along the waterfront, theres Aker Brygge for popular eateries, the imposing Akershus Fortress, and the gleaming new buildings around Bjrvika waterfront. The latter is where youll find modern attractions such as the Oslo Opera House and landmark new Edvard Munch Museum which, as youd expect, has the worlds largest collection of works by the iconic Norwegian artist.

Or, if theres enough daylight left, you could even jump on the metro from Central station. A short 20-minute ride is all it takes to bring you to the edge of a tranquil alpine forest that overlooks the city.

DAY 2: Oslo

Discovering Norways capital

After breakfast at your hotel, well go on a tour of two of Oslos main attractions. Vigeland Sculpture Park is located at the centre of splendid Frogner Park. There, youll find more than 200 visually striking sculptures in bronze, granite, and cast iron by prolific Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland.

Further north from Vigeland, just outside of Oslo, is Holmenkollen Ski Jump. You wont be doing any jumping yourself, but the impressive building enjoys panoramic views over the city, lakes, and fjord. Beneath the ski jump is also the worlds oldest ski museum featuring 2,500 pairs of skis and 4,000 years of skiing history.

The tour will end at the pier where your ship, MS Trollfjord, is waiting to depart by early evening. Once weve welcomed you aboard and youve settled into your cabin or suite, youll meet your Coastal Experience Team. Youll get to know each member of the team well as they give lectures and organise onboard activities for you throughout your voyage.

Meet your fellow guests in the ships two-storey panorama lounge and mark the moment we make history by sailing from Oslo for the first time. Watch as the capitals twinkling lights fade into the distance and admire the scenery and various points of interests seen along Oslofjord.

DAY 3 : Kristiansand and Farsund

The city of lighthouses

Sitting along the southern tip of the country, Kristiansand is Norways fifth largest city, with a population of 112,000 people. We aim to be alongside in the early morning, giving you a few hours to explore.

As you enjoy a guided walk, you might notice that the city is built on a very uniform grid plan, with several straight roads running from the harbour all the way through the city. Along these roads, youll find architecture from different eras, speaking to the extensive rebuilds the city had to go through after major fires in the 18th and 19th centuries, and even a World War II attack.

On an optional excursion that starts from Kristiansand, youll be able to visit the working Lindesnes Lighthouse, which marks Norways southernmost point. See the beacon that has been guiding seafarers to safety on dark nights since the early 20th century, and learn about the long history of the site that goes all the way back to 1656.

DAY 4 : Haugesund and Hardangerfjord

Viking history

As we sail past the southern tip of Norway, well begin heading north along the west coast. Just past Stavanger, well reach Haugesund, the Home of the Viking Kings.

The nickname is inspired by sites such as St. Olavs Church, built in 1250 by King Hkon H. Theres also Haraldshaugen, a national monument reputed to be the first kings burial site. Why not step back in time to the Viking Age at Nordvegen Visiting Centre which features exhibitions presented by a fictional Harald Fairhair himself.

After a short stay in Haugesund, youll rejoin the ship for some scenic cruising in Hardangerfjord. At 179 kilometres in length, it is the second longest fjord in the country, and fifth longest in the world.

DAY 5: lesund

A picturesque town

After a hearty breakfast on the ship, well dock mid-morning at a town that spreads out across a string of islands. With almost an entire day to explore, youll have plenty of time to see all that lesund has to offer.

As we approach the shore, you might first notice the distinctive style of architecture. Every detail of the buildings, from the bright colours to the rounded spires, were all inspired by the Art Nouveau style, which was popular in the early 1900s. Almost the entire town received a makeover in the style when it was rebuilt after a major fire in 1904.

DAY 6 : Brnnysund

Distinctive Nordic nature

Surrounded by islands and water, Brnnysund sits on a narrow peninsula that juts out of the mainland. Around 5,000 people live in this small town, many in colourful houses against a backdrop of gentle slopes and dramatic mountain peaks.

Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the harbour and take a walk along Havnegata. Drop into one of the pubs for a snack, or treat yourself to a meal in a local restaurant. Wander the visitors marina, or visit an 1870 Neo-Gothic stone church. For some extra excitement, you may be able to go kayaking, or island-hopping on a RIB safari.

You can also look forward to visiting the Vega Islands. Made up of over 6,500 islands, reefs, and skerries, this island chain has apparently been inhabited since the Stone Age. The archipelago received status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, in recognition of the sustainable lifestyle led by generations of islanders and their practice of farming eider down.

DAY 7: Svolvr and Stokmarknes

Lofoten islands and our historic birthplace

Today, we explore Lofoten, a striking group of islands that rise out of the Norwegian Sea. As soon as you see the towering peaks around you with fishing villages clinging to their sides, youll understand why this island chain is so often praised as one of Norways most stunning locations.

Well dock in the town of Svolvr mid-morning. Located on the island of Austvgya in the south of Lofoten, Svolvr is the biggest town of the archipelago, humming with shops, restaurants, galleries, and cafs to enjoy. You can also admire views of the Svolvr Goat, a nearby mountain named for resembling a goat and its horns.

DAY 8: Troms

The gateway to the Arctic

Today youll get the chance to see the Arctic Capital itself. Often called the gateway to the Arctic, Troms is Norway’s northernmost university city, and the ideal place to enjoy some proper winter activities, like dog sledding and snowshoeing.

Sitting around 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Troms experiences Polar Night for just over a month in the winter, and will give you a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

DAY 9: Honningsvg

The northernmost point

Arriving early in the morning, youll have a full day in Honningsvg. The northernmost city on the mainland, Honningsvgs landscape is quite distinctive, with barely any trees or bushes. This far north, winters are long and snowfall is high, so get ready for some fantastic winter scenery and activities.

Feel the snow crunching under your snowshoes as you hike across the plains. You might even be able to try your hand at ice fishing, a beloved winter tradition in the far north. Get a taste of the local delicacy, king crab, which is caught in the waters around Honningsvg and served year-round. Admire local art in the Once Upon a Dream art gallery, and dont miss the Honningsvg Church. This is the oldest building in the area, dating back to 1885.

DAY 10 : Alta

The city of Northern Lights

Alta is one of the bigger coastal towns we visit, with a population of over 10,000 people. A particularly famous part of the town is Alta River, one of Norways best salmon rivers. Here, large salmon are regularly caught, with some even weighing up to 24 kg. You wont regret trying some fresh grilled salmon in one of the local restaurants.

At 70 degrees north, this town is still far above the Arctic Circle. The area is known for particularly good Northern Lights visibility, so keep your camera ready. If the skies are clear and the conditions are right, you should be able to get some amazing shots of the lights dancing above you.

DAY 11 : Ldingen

Village life and fjord nature

The administrative centre of a municipality with the same name, Ldingen is a village on the southwestern shore of Hinnya, with a population of under 2,000. This is a port that our ships used to visit on one of our earlier coastal routes and returning here is a kind of homecoming for us.

Well dock at around midday, using Ldingen as a base for a few hours to explore more of Hinnya island, Norways largest island south of Svalbard. Wander the streets near the port and admire the traditional red fishing huts, or rorbuer, that line the shore. As you walk, youll likely notice the calming atmosphere that village life brings.

DAY 12 : Rrvik

An ancient fishing town

Continuing south, well leave the land of the Polar Night as we cross the Arctic Circle in the early hours of the morning.

The Vikna archipelago is a chain of around 6,000 islands, islets and skerries. The largest of the chain, Inner-Vikna, is where well make our next stop. We aim to dock at the port town of Rrvik around midday, remaining there for about a few hours.

DAY 13 : Molde and Kristiansund

Perfect panoramas

To round off our journey, well visit Molde, the capital and commercial centre of Romsdalen that sits on the southern coast of the Romsdal Peninsula. Weve stopped at this port many times before on our Coastal Express route, but this time well be making a much longer stop, so youll have all the time you need to get your fill of the town.

There are a number of optional activities organised by your Coastal Experience Team that add to your experience of Molde. Accessible nearby on an optional excursion is the Atlantic Road, an icon of the Norwegian coast that often features in Hollywood movies.

DAY 14 : Bergen

Norway’s second largest city

From the south to the north, and back down to the south, reflect on your journey as you watch our approach to our last port of the voyage, Bergen, in the early morning.

Say your goodbyes to the crew and disembark for a transfer that will take you from the ship to the airport via 7 Fjell brewery, Bergens first microbrewery and one of the 50 Norwegian suppliers we partner with. You can look forward to a relaxed tour of the brewery and the chance to sample a range of their delicious beers in a tasting session.