From the Caribbean to the Amazon

Resort:From the Caribbean to the Amazon
Operator: Viking Ocean Cruises
Destination: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, Latin America, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago
Price From: £7390.00


Explore the Caribbean, the Atlantic and the Amazon on one spectacular journey on legendary waters.

Follow the Caribbean and Atlantic to the legendary Amazon during an exciting 22-day cruise. From San Juan, sail to Barbados and the Îles du Salut of French Guiana. Then cruise along the Amazon, calling on historic riverside ports along the way. Return to the Caribbean, where you can explore the lush tropical splendor and colonial histories of Tobago, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Thomas.

All This Is Included

  • 22-day cruise visiting 8 countries & 11 ports with a private veranda stateroom
  • All onboard meals
  • Culture Curriculum: Become immersed in your destinations through lectures on or performances of music, art, cooking, dance and history

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Puerto Rico (San Juan), USA

Arrive in San Juan to embark your ship today. You will stay aboard your ship overnight, giving you ample time to explore El Viejo San Juan, or Old San Juan, with its seductive colonial charms, easy island tempo and authentic culture. Wander its narrow lanes, literally paved with history, laid with blue adoquín stone once used to ballast Spanish galleons. This evening, stroll the Old Town’s azure byways romantically illuminated by street lamps.

Day 2

Puerto Rico (San Juan), USA

You have another day to take in the history and architectural beauty of San Juan, from its fanciful Condado district to the magnificent 16th-century Fort San Felipe del Morro, set on a promontory at the entrance to San Juan Bay. Or visit the lush woodland of El Yunque national rainforest. Later today, you will sail away into the Caribbean’s blue waters. With Viking’s destination-focused itinerary, you will call on a new port daily, with not a single day spent at sea.

Day 3

Cruise the Caribbean Sea

As you cruise these legendary waters, the distinct light of the Caribbean sun plays on the sea like dazzling diamonds. Once a busy route for ships from the Old World ferrying supplies and people to the New World, the Caribbean today exudes tranquility and calm. During your day at sea, you might visit The Spa, where a soothing massage, the Thermal Pool and the Snow Grotto complement your relaxing sail.

Day 4

Bridgetown, Barbados

Relish the intense Caribbean beauty of Barbados today when you call on its capital, Bridgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will discover ample evidence of British rule here, from cricket matches and afternoon tea to the Commonwealth’s third oldest Parliament. You will marvel at spectacular vistas from the heights of Farley Hill, descending to sea level and the roiling waves of Bathsheba’s Soup Bowl, popular with surfers. Or head underground to explore the stalactites and stalagmites of Harrison’s Cave.

Day 5

Cruise the Atlantic Ocean

Spend another relaxing day cruising Atlantic waters. As you sail, you might take a swim in the Infinity Pool. Join new friends for afternoon tea in the Wintergarden. This evening, enjoy an evening of wine pairings and thoughtfully prepared dishes at the Chef’s Table.

Day 6

�les du Salut, French Guiana

Call on Île Royale today, one of the three Îles du Salu that belong to mainland French Guiana. These three “Islands of Salvation” were a much-feared penal colony for the most notorious French criminals. Among the ruined prison buildings, you can learn about two of the most famous prisoners sent to Devil’s Island, visible from Île Royale: the accused, and later exonerated, traitor Captain Alfred Dreyfus and Henri Charrière, whose escape was made famous by the film Papillon, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

Day 7

Cruise the Atlantic Ocean

Begin your day with coffee and a real Norwegian waffle at Mamsen’s gourmet deli. Later, perhaps you will swim in the Infinity Pool or mingle with newfound friends over tea in the Wintergarden. This evening, enjoy soft piano music in the Living Room or lively jazz in Torshavn.

Day 8

Cruise the Mouth of the Amazon

This morning, you will make a brief stop at equatorial Macapá, capital of Brazil’s Amapá state near the mouth of the Amazon. Your captain will receive clearance from Brazilian authorities, then you will set sail for the mighty Amazon River.

Day 9

Santar�m, Brazil

Visit the small city of Santarém, at the confluence of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. Because of poor road conditions, its people rely heavily on these waterways for transport. Most nearby villages can only be reached by river, and it’s common to see families plying these waters in small boats. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady or browse Santarém’s vibrant city market overflowing with Tapajoara handicrafts. Alternately, you might try your hand at fishing for piranha on nearby Maica Lake.

Day 10

Parintins, Brazil

Today you will call on Parintins on the river island of Tupinambarana. Disembark to attend an extravagant folklore performance, the Boi Bumbá. This unique theatrical tradition combines costumes, drumming and Amazonian, African and European rhythms to tell the story of a resurrected bull. The performance is part of an annual folklore festival held each June, Brazil’s largest celebration after Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and is presented to us off season.

Day 11

Manaus, Brazil

Arrive in Manaus today, 1,000 miles upriver from the Atlantic. The most populous city in the Amazon basin, Manaus prospered greatly from the rubber trade and its wealth earned it a reputation as the “Paris of the Amazon.” Admire the elegant Amazon Theater adorned with striking tiled dome, the Rio Negro Palace and the colorful facades of the Old Town. You might also tour the confluence of the Amazon and Black Rivers by small boat. An overnight stay here lets you immerse yourself in this fascinating city.

Day 12

Manaus, Brazil

Enjoy another day to discover this elegant cultural center on the Amazon. Peruse the stalls of the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, inspired by the Les Halles market of Paris when it was built in 1882. Admire the Customs House, a richly decorated building whose pieces were built in London and assembled here. And see some of the city’s many graceful old mansions, built on the wealth of rubber barons who spared no expense.

Day 13

Cruise the Amazon River

Cruise the waters of the magnificent Amazon River, the world’s second longest at almost 4,000 miles from source to mouth. Near Manaus, witness the fascinating Meeting of the Waters, where the blue Black River and the sandy-hued Upper Amazon converge. For almost four miles, these differently colored waters run side by side without mixing, creating a mesmerizing vista.

Day 14

Cruise the Amazon River

Continue sailing the Amazon today. More than 3,000 species of fish inhabit the river. You might spot some off the bow, in addition to caiman, giant otters and the Amazon River dolphin, whose skin color turns pink and later white as it matures. Attend an onboard talk to learn more about the remarkably diverse natural world the Amazon supports as it courses through the vast rainforest, the largest in the world.

Day 15

Bel�m, Brazil

Make your final Amazon call at the mouth of the Amazon, where bustling Belém is known for the many mango trees that grace its boulevards and squares. Witness the fascinating vestiges of old Portugal along its streets: The soaring neoclassical baroque Cathedral of Sé, the waterfront Ver-o-Peso market brimming with all manner of local goods, and the intricately painted azulejo tiles on colonial buildings.

Day 16

Cruise the Mouth of the Amazon

As you depart Belém, cruise the mouth of the mighty Amazon River. The waters of more than 1,000 tributaries pour into the Amazon before it reaches Atlantic shores, flowing into the ocean through a mouth about 200 miles wide. Just outside the mouth, invisible from the surface, you’ll sail over an incredible coral reef that extends 600 miles.

Day 17

Cruise the Atlantic Ocean

As you approach the Caribbean once again, you might attend an illuminating enrichment lecture about an upcoming destination in The Theater. Relax in The Living Room with a complimentary espresso and a good book from our thoughtfully curated Library.

Day 18

Scarborough, Trinidad & Tobago

Explore the port of Scarborough, a cultural center of the two-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Visit the lush botanical garden with its tropical blooms and the bustling market with a bounty of local foods, handicrafts and wares. Stop at the historic Fort King George for sweeping views. This mighty 18th-century fortress was named for King George III and is now a museum of history and archaeology.

Day 19

Castries, St. Lucia

Call on the lush and mountainous island of St. Lucia, with its sheltered harbors, quiet byways and Creole-inspired cuisine. A short drive from our berth in Castries, admire breathtaking views of azure waters and hillsides shrouded in tropical green. Witness the art of batik making here and glimpse prolific banana plantations. Or, venture across the island to view the spectacular Pitons, towering twin peaks draped in forests.

Day 20

Antigua (St. John’s), Antigua & Barbuda

Visit Antigua today, once Britain’s “Gateway to the Caribbean.” On an island tour from our berth in St. John’s, you will admire lush green beauty all around and visit English Harbor. Its restored Georgian dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is named for Admiral Horatio Nelson, who commanded the Crown’s fleet here in the 18th century. Today, yachts line the quays. But the island’s stunning scenery hasn’t changed since Nelson’s day, blanketed with tropical forests and punctuated by sheer cliffs dropping into blue waters.

Day 21

St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie), USVI

Explore one of the Caribbean’s most beloved islands today, St. Thomas. You will dock within walking distance of its capital, Charlotte Amalie, set on one of the most picturesque harbors in the region. Get acquainted with the beauty of St. Thomas during a scenic drive along a spectacular route, stopping at the famous Mountain Top for breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding islands. Alternately, you might cross the emerald-green island to Magens Bay, home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Day 22

Puerto Rico (San Juan), USA

Disembark this morning and return home, or continue your exploration of the Puerto Rican capital with our extension here.