Natural Treasures of China

Operator: Wendy Wu Tours
Destination: China
Price From: £4540.00


Join us on an epic journey down the road less travelled to uncover China’s most incredible natural treasures. Experience the breathtaking sapphire lakes of Nine Villages Valley, the dramatic yet serene valleys at Black Mountain, and the mythical Zhangjiajie, whose soaring peaks were the inspiration for the blockbuster film ‘Avatar’.

Amidst the magnificent scenery, immerse yourself in China’s ancient and modern marvels. Feel the thrill of traveling on the high-speed bullet train, take a walk on the glass bridge suspended over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, wander through the streets of Fenghuang Ancient Town, and be awed by the intricate beauty of the historic Dazu Rock Carvings.


  • Meals: Breakfasts: 13 , Lunches: 12 , Dinners: 10
  • Flights: International flights and current taxes
  • Accommodation: 13 nights in 4-star accommodation
  • Visa Included: Visa fees for UK passport holders
  • Group Tour: Max Group Size: 18
  • Physical Rating: Walking, some steps, and extended time on your feet.

Tour Itinerary

This tour is perfect for those who want to explore off the beaten track and discover some of China’s most spectacular national parks and treasures. The tour is designed to showcase China’s stunning scenery and does involve some days of walking longer distances.

DAYS 1-2: Fly overnight to Changsha

Fly overnight to Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province. Depending on your time of arrival, the rest of the day is yours to start soaking up the local culture.

DAY 3: Explore Changsha

Step into history at the Yuelu Academy, a historical hub of learning nestled by the scenic Mt. Yuelu. Travel to Zhangjiajie National Park and enjoy a night tour of 72 Qilou’s strange and spectacular buildings the tallest Tujia stilted building in the world.

DAY 4: Avatar Mountains

Begin the day with a ride in the remarkable Bailong glass elevator. Embedded into the mountain, the elevator soars up the mountain side to a towering height of 326 meters in as little as two minutes! Soak up the amazing views of the ‘First Bridge under the Sun’ and Hallelujah Mountain. Continue to Emperor Mountain and Helong Park before taking a cable car down. Later, explore Jinbian Stream and Ten-Mile Natural Gallery with a ride on the scenic train. End the day with a scenic sampan cruise on Lake Baofeng, a turquoise expanse of water amongst picturesque karst scenery.

DAY 5: Zhangjiajie Glass Skywalk

Brace yourself for an exhilarating walk across Zhangjiajie’s Glass Bridge, the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge spanning 430 meters over the Grand Canyon. Later, soar up the heights of Tianmen Mountain in the world’s longest cable car, a 7-kilometer journey taking approximately 40-minutes. Atop the Mountain, marvel at Tianmen Cave, nicknamed ‘Heaven’s Door’, standing proudly at the top of 999 steep steps and take a thrilling walk along a glass skywalk, aptly named the ‘Walk of Faith’.

DAY 6: Fenghuang Ancient Town

Travel by road to Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town, a scenic and quaint town rich in culture and natural beauty. Visit the Former Residence of Shen Congwen and enjoy an evening at your leisure to wander the ancient streets illuminated at night.

DAY 7: Cruise the Tuojiang River

Relax on a scenic cruise along the Tuojiang River before boarding your bullet train to Chengdu, China’s symbolic western capital and the residence of the country’s most lovable black and white bear.

DAY 8: Giant Pandas

Spend the morning getting to know China’s most famous resident, the giant panda, at Chengdu’s Panda Conservation Centre. Later, soak up the culture at People’s Park. People-watching here is an endless pleasure, from the lively locals playing mahjong to the parents searching for suitable partners for their children in Matchmaker’s Corner. Head to the local food markets for a dinner at your leisure.

DAY 9: Huanglong Pools

Travel by bullet train to Nine Villages Valley. Spend the afternoon exploring the Huanglong Pools where you will find hundreds of vivid pools in striking colors, formed by thousands of years of mineral deposit, tumbling gently down through the bright green forests of the Huanglong Valley.

DAY 10: Nine Villages Valley

Enjoy a full day exploring the diverse scenery of the splendid Nine Villages Valley, China’s most awe-inspiring National Park. Spend the day taking in the natural sights of Long Lake, Five Colored Lake, and Nuorilang Falls.

DAY 11: Shuzheng Village

Visit Shuzheng Village, where you will spend some time with a local Tibetan family who will give you an insight into daily life in Nine Villages Valley. This afternoon, stroll by Rhinoceros Lake, passing Tiger Lake ending at Reed Lake an excellent way to really appreciate the local scenery. Dine on traditional Tibetan cuisine for dinner.

DAY 12: Chongqing’s Hongya Cave

Board your bullet trains to Chongqing. Visit the Hongya Cave to see the impressive architecture of the 11 storey stilt building, beautifully constructed in traditional Bayu architecture style. In the evening, wander the night food markets with your local guide on hand to recommend the most delicious Sichuanese snacks!

DAY 13: Black Mountain Valley

Take a day trip out of Chongqing to Black Mountain Valley, also known as Heishan Valley. This is a serene and picturesque area covering over 100 square kilometers, brimming with dramatic mountains, deep valley floors, waterfalls, and sheer cliffs, along with an impressive 13 kilometer long gorge. The luscious landscapes are cloaked in green vegetation and are home to a variety of wildlife, offering some great photo opportunities!

DAY 14: Dazu Rock Carvings

Travel by road to Dazu, home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Dazu Rock Carvings. Here, you’ll find thousands of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist idols and symbols carved into rock faces over 70 sites. Made between the 9th and 13th centuries, they are some of the best preserved in China. Enjoy the day in Dazu before returning to Chongqing.

DAY 15: Depart Chongqing

Depart Chongqing, arriving home the same or following day.