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Resort:The World
Operator: Ambassador Cruises
Destination: Australia, Australia & The Pacific, Brazil, Indian Ocean
Price From: £7999.00

The ultimate cruise experience and circumnavigation of the globe!

Visiting 6 continents, 24 countries, 34 ports of call and the Panama Canal – this world cruise spans 34,759 beautiful nautical miles.

Sailing via the Azores and Caribbean, Ambience will transit the Panama Canal, calling at islands of the South Seas and onto New Zealand and Australia, before unveiling highlights of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Tropical Indian Ocean islands are stepping stones to the excitement of Kenya. Explore Durban and Cape Town in South Africa and Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. Cross the Atlantic to Brazil, including pulsating Rio de Janeiro, before voyaging home via Cape Verde, Casablanca and Lisbon. This is the ultimate way to see the world.


South Pacific– visit six Robinson Crusoe-like Islands with dramatic waterfalls and timeless valleys as you lose yourself in a South Sea islands paradise.

Australia– Sydneys iconic Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more await.

Singapore– with its futuristic architecture and high-speed efficiency, Singapore is an oriental star. Step back and discover its rich history and culture.

Malaysia– the jewel in the crown of Malaysia, Penang is linked to the mainland by one of the longest bridges in the world.

Seychelles– Mah is a nature lover’s paradise boasting rare and UNESCO heritage-protected plant species and unique animals aplenty.

Kenya– why not take an optional overnight trip to the Tsavo National Park, home to the largest protected area in Kenya and herds of dust-red elephants, rhino, lions and hippos?

South Africa– with two unique stops in South Africa, including Durban, with a stop in Cape Town, you will sail almost half of South Africas fascinating coast.

Tristan da Cunha– experience a true castaway island nestled deep in the Atlantic between South America and Africa, with its nearest neighbour over 2,000 miles of sea away.

Brazil– Rio de Janeiro offers the opportunity to ride the Sugarloaf Mountain cable car. Salvador is the largest city on the northeast coast of Brazil and is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture.


06/01/24London Tilbury (United Kingdom)
07/01/24Rotterdam, cruise River Nieuwe Mass (Netherlands)
08/01/24at sea (At Sea)
09/01/24at sea (At Sea)
10/01/24Leixoes, for Oporto (Portugal)
11/01/24at sea (At Sea)
12/01/24at sea (At Sea)
13/01/24Ponta Delgada (Azores)
14/01/24at sea (At Sea)
15/01/24at sea (At Sea)
16/01/24at sea (At Sea)
17/01/24at sea (At Sea)
18/01/24at sea (At Sea)
19/01/24at sea (At Sea)
20/01/24Bridgetown (Barbados)
21/01/24at sea (At Sea)
22/01/24Willemstad (Curacao)
23/01/24at sea (At Sea)
24/01/24Land by launch or tenderSan Blas Islands (Panama)
25/01/24at sea, transit Panama Canal (At Sea)
26/01/24at sea (At Sea)
27/01/24at sea (At Sea)
28/01/24at sea (At Sea)
29/01/24at sea, crossing the Equator (At Sea)
30/01/24at sea (At Sea)
31/01/24at sea (At Sea)
01/02/24at sea (At Sea)
02/02/24at sea (At Sea)
03/02/24at sea (At Sea)
04/02/24Land by launch or tenderNuku Hiva (French Polynesia)
05/02/24at sea (At Sea)
06/02/24at sea (At Sea)
07/02/24Papeete (French Polynesia)
08/02/24Land by launch or tenderBora Bora (French Polynesia)
09/02/24Land by launch or tenderHuahine, Maroe Bay (French Polynesia)
10/02/24at sea (At Sea)
11/02/24Land by launch or tenderRarotonga (Cook Islands)
12/02/24at sea (At Sea)
13/02/24at sea (At Sea)
14/02/24at sea, crossing International Date Line (At Sea)
15/02/24Nuku Alofa (Kingdom of Tonga)
16/02/24at sea (At Sea)
17/02/24at sea (At Sea)
18/02/24at sea (At Sea)
19/02/24Auckland (New Zealand)
20/02/24Land by launch or tenderBay of Islands (New Zealand)
21/02/24at sea (At Sea)
22/02/24at sea (At Sea)
23/02/24at sea (At Sea)
24/02/24Sydney (Australia)
25/02/24at sea (At Sea)
26/02/24Melbourne (Australia)
27/02/24at sea (At Sea)
28/02/24Adelaide (Australia)
29/02/24at sea (At Sea)
01/03/24at sea (At Sea)
02/03/24at sea (At Sea)
03/03/24Fremantle, for Perth (Australia)
04/03/24at sea (At Sea)
05/03/24at sea (At Sea)
06/03/24at sea (At Sea)
07/03/24at sea (At Sea)
08/03/24Lombok (Indonesia)
09/03/24at sea (At Sea)
10/03/24at sea (At Sea)
11/03/24Singapore (Singapore)
12/03/24at sea (At Sea)
13/03/24Penang (Malaysia)
14/03/24Phuket (Thailand)
15/03/24at sea (At Sea)
16/03/24at sea (At Sea)
17/03/24at sea (At Sea)
18/03/24Colombo (Sri Lanka)
19/03/24at sea (At Sea)
20/03/24Land by launch or tenderMale (Maldives)
21/03/24at sea (At Sea)
22/03/24at sea, crossing the Equator (At Sea)
23/03/24at sea (At Sea)
24/03/24Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles)
25/03/24at sea (At Sea)
26/03/24at sea (At Sea)
27/03/24Mombasa (Kenya)
28/03/24Mombasa (Kenya)
29/03/24at sea (At Sea)
30/03/24at sea (At Sea)
31/03/24at sea (At Sea)
01/04/24at sea (At Sea)
02/04/24Durban (South Africa)
03/04/24at sea (At Sea)
04/04/24at sea (At Sea)
05/04/24Cape Town (South Africa)
06/04/24at sea (At Sea)
07/04/24at sea (At Sea)
08/04/24at sea (At Sea)
09/04/24at sea (At Sea)
10/04/24Land by launch or tenderTristan da Cunha (Tristan da Cunha)
11/04/24at sea (At Sea)
12/04/24at sea (At Sea)
13/04/24at sea (At Sea)
14/04/24at sea (At Sea)
15/04/24Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
16/04/24at sea (At Sea)
17/04/24at sea (At Sea)
18/04/24Salvador (Brazil)
19/04/24at sea (At Sea)
20/04/24Recife (Brazil)
21/04/24at sea (At Sea)
22/04/24at sea (At Sea)
23/04/24at sea (At Sea)
24/04/24at sea (At Sea)
25/04/24at sea (At Sea)
26/04/24Mindelo, Sao Vicente (Cape Verde Islands)
27/04/24at sea (At Sea)
28/04/24at sea (At Sea)
29/04/24at sea (At Sea)
30/04/24Casablanca, for Marrakesh (Morocco)
01/05/24at sea (At Sea)
02/05/24Lisbon (Portugal)
03/05/24at sea (At Sea)
04/05/24at sea (At Sea)
05/05/24London Tilbury (United Kingdom)