Saga Ocean Cruises

Saga Ocean Cruises

Saga Holidays specialise in providing small ship cruises to the over 50s. Saga Ocean Cruises take you to ports and islands that are off the beaten ocean track and give you a wholly unique experience in some of the most beautiful and lesser-seen pockets of the world. This respected tour company aims to provide a boutique hotel feel on the water, so as well as enjoying the benefits of a varied itinerary throughout your fortnights holiday, youll also have a first-class service.

Youll find 2 staff members for every 3 passengers on Saga ocean cruise boats, state of the art facilities, including pools and entertainment, not to mention delicious gourmet food, prepared by the onboard chefs.

Local Experiences

Saga boutique cruises dont simply involve you getting out at each port and seeing the same big-name sights youve read about a million times. Of course, they will take you to the big attractions, but at the same time, they want to offer you a little extra. This is why a lot of care and thought has gone into Saga Ocean Cruises’ itineraries.

For instance inNorway, you could find yourself on a dog sled, racing towards an Inuit tent, while the Northern Lights dance in the sky above. You might even learn how to herd reindeer or take a ski lesson on a glacier. Under the brightCaribbean sunshine, you could walk along a rainforest canopy or watch turtles swimming past. If you take aRussian cruise,you could watch the ballet in St Petersburg and if you head over toIcelandyou can swim in the geothermal waters of the infamous Blue Lagoon.


Taking you to destinations around the world, Saga have handpicked itineraries that are crafted with compelling fun in mind. Their Mediterranean cruises will give you the opportunity to visit a variety of famously historical and cultured cities over the course of a week or two and if you fancy venturing further afield, you could discover the soft white sand and clears waters of the Caribbean.

In addition to all of this, Saga have ocean cruises that will take you through the Baltics, around the Canary Islands and even give you the unique chance to see the wildlife of Iceland. Saga cruises to the Asia, North and Central America &Africaare all also possible.

Booking your Ocean Cruise

If youd like to book yourself onto a Saga ocean cruise and enjoy a cruise experience, either in a far flung area of the world, or a little closer to home, please get in touch with Low Cost Deals. We have been an preffered booking partner of Saga for many years and can give you all the details you need about the cruises on offer as well as get you the best possible deal.

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