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Our team here at Low Cost Deals have put together a list of where we believe with our 25 years experience are the best holiday destinations month by month. Click which month you are interested in travelling and discover the best climates, wildlife spotting, cultural attractions or festivals for you to experience.

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Start your year the best way possible by and tick another destination off your bucket list. Escape the January blues and discover where we believe are the best destinations for you to visit at this time of the year.

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Looking to get away this February? We have put together where we think are the best places to visit this time of the year. From penguin colonies in South Africa to the biggest party in the world in Brazil we have the experience and knowledge to create your perfect February holiday.

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As the third month of the year begins, the UK winter turns to spring, but it is still a while until higher temperatures return. Here, we reveal where to holiday in March.

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Now you are slowly approaching the summer months in Europe and as well as being the perfect month to visit a number of destinations in South America. April is usually the month in which people celebrate the Easter Holiday with a number of festivals taking place throughout the world. It is also a time in which a number of countries transforms itself into a much more colourful and scenic form in the shape of flowers all appearing this time of the year.

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There is a number of stunning locations we recommend you visit for a number of different reasons during the month of May. Countries in the northern hemisphere start to notice that summer is on the way with Europe waking up from its winter slumber and becoming warmer and warmer.

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June is one of the most popular to go and visit a new place, the European summer is just getting going as well as destinations further afield all offering plenty of amazing experiences. We have selected our top destinations to visit around this time of the year.

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Unsure on where to holiday in July? Well we are here to try help you to decide which countries are the best to visit during this month. Be it the weather or which festivities are going on we have compiled our knowledge from our travel experts to put together a list of destination for you…

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With the European summer in full swing and crowds flocking to the main European holiday destination meaning we recommend to travel further afar or discover the lesser travelled destinations in Europe.

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As the British summer comes to an end, people travel far and wide to extend their summer for just a couple more weeks. Crowds start to disappear as peak season finishes and the kids are heading back to school, making September one of the best months of the year to travel…

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Holidays in October bring a whole host of different experiences depending on where you are planning on visiting. Track wildlife in whats known as the predator capital of Africa or head to ancient cities of Petra for some magical history.

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November can be a miserable time back at home with shorter nights and cold temperatures. So we have compiled a list to help you escape the harsh reality of those November nights.

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Thinking of mixing it up this Christmas, we have a selection of stunning destinations for you to visit this December. Whether its some winter sun you are after or a getaway to put you in the mood for the festive season then discover where we believe you should head to in December.

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