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historical centre of Baranquilla

Treasures of Colombia

Travel from Andean peaks to tropical Caribbean coastlines, passing through the mountain capital of Bogot, picturesque Villa de Leyva, fertile coffee country, vibrant Medelln and the colonial port of Cartagena, one of South Americas most beautiful towns. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Bogot Overnight flight from London (regional connections available)...

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Splendours of South America

Explore the celebrated highlights of Brazil, Chile and Argentina, combining spectacular natural wonders with some of South Americas most exciting cities. Start in the foothills of the Andes, discover the extraordinary landscapes of Patagonia and finish on a world-famous beach in Rio. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Santiago, Chile Fly...

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Alberto de Agostini National Park

Splendours of Chile

Chile is an extraordinarily beautiful country,encompassing just about every type oflandscape on Earth, from the arid desertof the north, through verdant lakes andpastures to the soaring peaks and glaciersof Patagonia. This expansive tour exploresChiles spectacular desert, mountain sceneryand Patagonian wilderness, and allowstime to discover some fascinating Chileantraditions. Itinerary Day 1:...

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Splendours of Central America

Take in the natural and cultural wonders ofCentral America, from tropical landscapesand volcanoes to colonial heritage and superbMayan cities. Get an insight into the history ofthe civil war and colourful indigenous cultures,and learn about the amazing engineering featthat is the Panama Canal. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Panama City via...

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Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina

Patagonia: Untouched Wilderness

Patagonia is one of the worlds greatwilderness areas and its culture isintertwined with that of the Europeanpioneers and gauchos. This fascinatingjourney through four national parks inArgentina and Chile reveals the distinctcultures and landscapes of this remote partof the world. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Buenos Aires Fly from London (regional...

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Machu Picchu panoramic

Grand Tour of South America

This tour focuses on South America’s cultural and natural highlights, revealing the continent’s diversity, and passing from high Andean scenery down to the thundering Iguaz Falls. Stop in buzzing cities along the way including Bolivias capital of La Paz, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires in Argentina and the exotic Brazilian city of...

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Peru & Colombia

Discover the renowned treasures and ancientInca sites of Peru before and after exploringColombia, a lesser-known but fast growing andintriguing tourist destination with a vibrantculture and colonial history. Direct flights allowfor easy one-trip country combinations. Itinerary Days 1-2: Fly to Bogot Fly overnight direct to Bogot and stay 2 nights at...

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Peru, Iguacu & Rio

Combine Peru and Brazil to discover sights somagnificent that some are included in the newSeven Wonders of the World. Marvel at the Incaheritage at Machu Picchu, the awe-inspiringIguau Falls and the welcoming statue of Christthe Redeemer in Rio. Itinerary Days 1-2: Fly to Lima Fly to Lima direct with British...

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Mayan Triangle

This private journey combines a number of fascinating Mayan archeological sites throughout Guatemala, Honduras and Belize with charming colonial towns, indigenous cultures and white sandy Caribbean beaches. Itinerary Day 1: Fly to Guatemala City Antigua Fly to Guatemala City and transfer to Antigua for1 night. (N) Days 2-3: Lake Atitln...

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