Discover the world with Lowcostdeals and the catalogue of amazing holiday operators we partner with. You have the choice of over 80 destinations world wide, over 7 main continents including Antarctica. Each destination has a wide-range of exciting, once in a lifetime experiences on offer whether you choose to gander at 30 metre long blue whales in the arctic circle or uncover ancient civilisations in South America.

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Depsite being the second smallest of the 7 continents in the world, Europe has played a vital part in creating what we know as modern western culture today. Consisting of more than 40 countries, each amazing location is brimming with ancient history, scattered remains of which can still be seen today. Each of Europe’s countries possess their own heritage, traditions and culture as well as it’s own culinary specialties.

Australasia Pacific

In Australasia, it’s up to you if you want to make one big holiday out of many islands in Australasia, or simply visit one at a time one thing is guaranteed, you’ll soon understand how diverse the continent can be, Australia’s wild outback to New Zealands majestic fjords and mountains and the capitvating culture & tradition of Samoa, Fiji and Tahiti. and coastlines of the South Pacific.


In a continent where spirituality reigns above everything, even the most seasonsed traveller can stumble across new discoveries. The striking array of temples and monastries blend seemlessley with modern, forward-thinking metropolis cities thus creating a truly contrasting, yet fascinating holiday.


Dominated by vast, open plains home to the big 5 and more wild species, Africa plays host to some truly spectacular scenery. Famous for it’s wildlife national parks, Kruger being one of big names, Africa offers the most spectacular safari holidays you can imagine, not forgetting the former world cup hosts, South Africa and it’s electric cities & towns.


More than just paradise scenerio beaches and tropical eco-systems, North & Central America are all rich in culture, offering tours to some of the most picturesque views and landmarks in the world. If you are one for golden beaches and crystal clear waters, the Caribbean’s exotic islands deliver just that.


For a luxury holiday in Earth’s jungle playgrounds, look no further than South America. Peru, Brazil and Argentina offer diverse landscapes and a vast catalogue of rare wildlife & you can visit famous landmarks such as Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana beach and many more.

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