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Spectacular Scandinavia

Join us on an incredible journey to a land of unparalleled beauty Scandinavia. This fabulous adventure brings together Scandinavias natural wonders, history and culture. In Denmarks bohemian capital city, discover why Copenhagen is dubbed the gastro capital of Scandinavia. Discover the genuine Swedish tradition of glassblowing at Swedens oldest operating...

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Scandinavian Capitals

See the best of Scandinavia, a land of spectacular fjords, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers. Explore Stockholms deep history your way with a choice of a guided city tour or a walking tour of Old Town (Gamla Stan), a maze of charming streets lined with colorful townhouses. Spend time in Denmark,...

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Voyage to the Arctic & Spitsbergen

Imagine gazing out over an empty landscape of vast creaking glaciers surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the sea around you dotted with small icebergs. Look out for the huge black tailfins of humpback whales as they dive, whilst on land the low tundra vegetation is dotted with bright flowers taking advantage...

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Viking Homelands

Tour scenic fjords, towns & cities Sail historic waters and discover more of Scandinavia with overnights in Stockholm, Oslo and scenic Bergen. See charming lborg and Gdask, and visit the grand cities of Berlin and Copenhagen. Witness breathtaking scenery from your ship as she glides through majestic Norwegian fjords in...

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