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Circumnavigating Svalbard The Ultimate Expedition

Cruise Embark on an unforgettable journey as we set sail to circumnavigate the entire Svalbard archipelago during the Arctic summer. Explore from an icy wonderland to a rugged land bursting with life, venturing above the 80th parallel. Sail through hidden channels and dramatic fjords, past rugged islands, sparkling glaciers, and...

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Svalbard in Spring – Return of the Sun

Cruise Embark on an early-season expedition cruise from Oslo to Longyearbyen and western Svalbard. Experience the pristine snowscapes, serene fjords, and majestic glaciers of the Arctic under the soft glow of the Midnight Sun. An Icy Wonderland: Witness the reawakening of life during spring in Svalbard, exploring untouched snowscapes, fjords,...

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